Self-Funding is sensible and strategic.

In increasing numbers, employers both large and small are opting to minimize healthcare expenses by taking the self-funding route. In fact, recent statistics indicate that some 40 million people are employed by organizations with 500 to 5,000 employees, prime candidates to benefit from stop loss insurance. By self-funding employee benefit programs rather than being saddled with more expensive group insurance plans, employers optimize their ROI.

The evolving trend to self-fund freestanding and carve-out benefits can represent a dramatic cost-saving measure for many employers. The core issue is that it also can expose the company to financial risk from unexpected high claims costs. RxReins has it covered. Prescription drug stop loss insurance protects self-funded employers from the threat of high claims by providing the safety net of capped liability. Making it a far-sighted, sensible option. See Fundamentals of Self-Funding.