When the going gets tough, the tough are protected

In the Rx stop loss insurance industry for self-funded prescription group benefit plans, our company stands tall. Known for highly responsive service, solid ethics, offering customized, creative products and delivering on our commitments, RxReins is preferred for its sterling reputation.

In 2003, Dentafits, Inc., in business since 1979, formed RxReins to accommodate employers’ increasing demand for standalone self-funded prescription drug risk solutions. Several years later, in 2009, RxReins was incorporated as a full service Rx MGU to focus on developing original solutions for prescription drug plans. Solutions that are strategic in execution and ironclad in reliability.

Self-funding: an emerging trend gains momentum.

For many companies, the self-funding trend is rapidly becoming the option of choice. By self-funding employee benefit programs rather than staying with pricey group insurance plans, employers can save big. They can leverage the Rx portion against the typically higher other healthcare claims. That said, as you probably know, standalone and carve-out benefits for prescription drugs can also expose employers to financial risk from unexpected high claims. RxReins solves the dilemma with special risk insurance that caps the liability. And while the lion’s share of our business is for Rx stop loss, we also provide stop loss insurance for dental and vision plans. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help.

For Rx stop loss, it’s RxReins.

It’s no secret we protect companies from the worst case scenario. In truth, we know what it takes to create an excess loss insurance plan that protects your client’s company from high claims costs. Our stop loss insurance offerings give employers the highest quality benefit while helping them manage costs.

Which means employers not only save money but also secure the confidence being covered provides. When the going gets tough, your clients need a company that delivers.

Meet Crystal Williams 

At the helm is Crystal Williams, president of RxReins. On the leading edge of the industry, her business is a testament to bold, creative thinking and better business solutions. Uniting technology with new approaches to prescription drug stop loss insurance, she has fueled the growing success of RxReins. With more than ten years’ experience in underwriting, she knows what it takes to design programs that protect your interests and save you money.

Bachelor of Science degree, Business, University of Redlands.